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Take Facebook, web, and mobile orders today

Get more orders, bigger tickets, and more loyal customers with Open Dining's online ordering system for restaurants.

Are you missing $10,000+ in online orders?

If you don't accept online orders, you're missing a big opportunity.  Many of our restaurants do $10,000 (or more!) each month.  You can start today!


Our Internet sales are up 30% using your system and our customers are really responding positively. I love the control I have of the backend and look forward to working with your team in the future.

Joe Belcher, Duk Wo

This online ordering has changed my life!

Kate, Green Zebra Truck

Our Facebook app makes adding Facebook ordering simple and easy.

Facebook App

Our Facebook App allows consumers to order right from your Facebook page. Turn fans into customers!

Our point and click interface is easy to use

Web Ordering

Our button drops right onto your web site, giving your customers a seamless ordering experience. It's that simple!

Mobile Web App

Use our easy point and click interface to build your own mobile web application. Within minutes you can have a mobile ready ordering site at no extra cost!

We make it easy for restaurants to accept credit cards online

Accept Credit Cards

Securely accept credit card payments. Customers can save cards on file, so they can pre-pay for an order in just a few clicks. Plugs into your existing merchant account.

Our friendly support makes it easy to get up and running

Full POS Integration

Our online ordering system integrates with many existing Point of Sale systems. No additional labor or work, just more orders.

Our platform is very customizable


Options are available for ordering time frames, pre-payment requirements, and delivery or pick-up offerings.