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Easy ordering with plenty of bells and whistles

Streamlined Ordering

Our platform is designed to make ordering simple and easy for your customers, so you get as many orders as possible.

Start Today with "Coming Soon" Mode!

We let you hit the ground running.

Your menu starts out in "Coming Soon" mode, where you collect email addresses for interested customers.

When you launch your online ordering, you'll have a list of customers ready to go -- just send them an email from our built-in marketing system, and you'll have orders coming right in.

Add it today and start collecting emails!

Web Ordering

We turn your web traffic into loyal customers, and make sure that when someone finds you, they can conveniently order, no matter what device they're using.

Our seamless web widgets add ordering right to your web site. You can also simply link to your responsive menu page for an easy setup that works well across all devices.

Facebook Ordering

Allow customers to order directly from your Facebook page. Turn fans and likes into customers!

Mobile App

Engage customers and take orders directly on their mobile devices via your beautiful, custom-branded mobile app.

Once you build a substantial base of mobile users, Push Notifications can be used to further boost sales.

Accept Credit Card Payments

Let customers easily pay with a card and save it on file to speed future ordering. Next time they want to order, it's just a few clicks away.

As a bonus, your staff saves time and you reduce the risk of no-shows.

Advance Ordering

Customers can select a future date and time for their order, to make ordering extra convenient.

Useful Reporting

Your reporting dashboard gives you historical reports and actionable information for improving your menu and service.

View trends, top items, and lists of your best and newest customers.

Gain insight into your sales funnel, as customers go through the ordering process.

  • Menu viewed
  • Items added to the order
  • Checkout started
  • Order submitted

We show you each step of the way, so you can figure out where changes can be made to optimize your sales.

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