Plans & Pricing

No credit card required to start, unlimited trial period
$ 199 /mo

Maximize revenue and customer engagement

All Premium & Standard Features
Native Mobile App
Push Notifications
Email Marketing
Feedback Management
Viral / Social Sharing

Select the Elite plan

$ 99 /mo

Boost revenue with an advanced feature set

All Standard Features
POS Integration
Cross Selling
Automated Customer Emails
Unbranded Menu Footer
Half/Half Pizza Toppings Picker

Select the Premium plan

$ 49 /mo

Simple, full-featured ordering to drive sales

Unlimited Orders
Web Ordering
Facebook App
Email Marketing Integrations
Feedback Surveys
Customize Checkout Fields
Delivery Zones/Fees
Advance Orders

Select the Standard plan

Fax Fee: $0.10 per order, only for orders sent via fax
Plans and prices are per location / menu unless otherwise stated.


You can do it yourself, or we can take care of the setup process for you.

Full Service

$ 350 one time
Save time and let us take care of the details

Our staff will handle the setup and configuration process so you can focus on your business.

We can typically have new customers up and running in a week.

Self Service

For the do-it-yourself types

Use our self-service back office suite to set everything to your liking.

If you have a simple setup or are comfortable configuring business systems, this may be for you.

Mobile App

Build customer loyalty and drive engagement with your own native app and push notifications.

Add an App

$ 499 one time
Engage customers with a native mobile app

Our partners at ShoutEm will set you up with a beautiful native app.

No Mobile App

Skip the mobile app for now

You can always add an app later, once you've got everything else up and running.

Credit Card Processing

Optional. We recommend allowing customers to pre-pay with credit cards, but you don't have to.

Mercury Payments

2.25%+30¢ /trans
Enjoy a great low rate and streamlined setup

Mercury Payments provides our customers with superior service and extremely competitive processing.

Take advantage of our pre-negotiated low rate and clear pricing. Accept online payments in just 1-2 business days.

Monthly Fee: $5 / mo (charged by Mercury)
American Express: 3.5% + 15¢/transaction

Use Your Own Processor

Want to bring your own processor? No problem

We work with many payment processors at no extra charge, as long as they're on our supported gateways list.

This may lengthen your setup time. We recommend Mercury for the smoothest setup process.
Get Started Today!
No Credit Card Required


What does "unlimited trial period" mean?

Your restaurant will operate in a free "demo mode" for as long as you like, so you can try out the features and get everything set up. We only require a paid subscription with a credit card once you're ready to start taking real orders.

Is there a contract? Can I cancel?

You aren't locked into any long-term commitment. Cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your plan at any time.

Are there extra charges or hidden fees?

Nope. Just our monthly plan, and if you receive your online orders via fax, the fax fee. If you don't use fax, there's no per-order fee.

What about credit card processing rates?

We recommend Mercury Payments. We've negotiated a very good eCommerce rate plan for our customers, they provide excellent service, and they know our system — so setup is easy and fast.

We also let you use your own merchant service provider for credit card processing. In that case, we don't set or control the rates you're charged for credit cards, but we don't charge you extra to bring your own processor.