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Your customers are online, are you?

Open Dining grows your business by turning visitors into customers.

Get Moving Fast

If you don't offer online ordering, your customers are ordering from your competitors that do.

With our easy-to-use, flexible system, you can take online orders today.

Easy to Get Started

Enter your menu, tell us how to send you orders, and start taking orders - it's that easy!

Our web plugin enables ordering on your web site in minutes, and the user stays on your site through the ordering experience.

What would your site look like with online ordering?

Flexible Order Notifications

Online ordering doesn't have to radically change your business! We can notify you of new online orders via:

  • Fax
  • Phone Call
  • SMS/Text Message
  • E-mail
  • Print to Your Receipt Printer
  • POS Integration

You can combine notifications to make sure everyone is notified.

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Take Orders From Facebook

Take orders right from your restaurant's Facebook page. Don't just show your menu; let customers order immediately.

You work hard to engage your customers. Turn the Facebook traffic into paid orders!

Mobile Web App

Use our easy point and click interface to build your own mobile web application. Add custom content and links. We also fully support custom CSS for fine tuning the look and feel.

Using our easy drop in snippets you can even have your mobile visitors redirected automatically. We provide the hosting and the link for you to start taking orders via mobile today!

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Email Marketing

Connect with your customers via e-mail marketing to build loyalty and keep 'em coming back for more.

Use Constant Contact or MailChimp to keep everybody updated with your latest events and newsletters!

Get Customer Feedback

Automatically send customizable surveys to your customers so you can get their feedback, improve your service, and fix negative experiences.

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Credit Card Processing

Securely accept credit card payments. Customers can save cards on file, and pre-pay for an order in just a few clicks. Plugs into your existing merchant account.

You can also allow pay-in-person maximums to require large orders be paid upfront.

More details

To accept online payments, we interface with your payment gateway, like Authorize.Net or PayPal Website Payments Pro.

We send the customer's payment information directly to your payment gateway. Open Dining never touches the funds during a transaction, so the payment processes as quickly as possible.

Advanced Reporting and Dashboard

Our reporting section provides detailed information about your restaurants orders and customers.

View trends, top items, and even a list of your best customers based on order volume all via filters and interactive charts!

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